Above: a view of the elevators from the south

During our recent trip to Lucas we visited Wilson, the “Czech capitol of Kansas”. We spotted the old style water tower and drove in that direction to explore. Along the tracks, near the middle of town is a picturesque stand of elevators and silos. The industry is closed down now and there is talk of tearing it all down. Aesthetics aside, there are, of course, real liabilities to such sites.

In a clearing on the south a man was giving photography lessons using a view camera. These are the cameras with a bellows between the film and the lens. The elevators are an ideal site for learning to use the tilts and perspective controls.  It was such an elegant and impressive process that I felt small as I popped around the area with my digital camera.

Wilson elevator and railroad tracks

Above: a view of the complex along the railroad tracks, seen from the main street.