Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

More from the continuing saga of flatlander boy visits the mountains: About the biggest sand box you’ll ever see is in Colorado, though before you can sink your toes into the warm sand you have to cross Medano Creek. But that’s part of the fun. It all becomes a giant beach, and there were busloads of children there enjoying the inland beach party. At the moment the creek is running about 75 feet wide, but it’s only 1 to 4 inches deep. The picturesque visitors enjoying their visit made the dunes all the more interesting to me.

Our travels brought us into the park in the middle of the day. I thought it was about the worst timing for sand dunes, as the sun would be overhead and provide little light modeling of the forms. But patterns of sunlight and clouds did a fine job of defining form. A distant snowfall in the mountains further enhanced the layering of shadows and tones.

James and Susie Aber were able to succesfully launch a camera below a large kite and achieve some wonderful images. Click here to see their aerial photographs.