2015 Symphony in the Flint Hills #210

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve – The symphony event pulled off another weather miracle yesterday. Storm clouds vanished for the day. A bright sun made a guest appearance and stayed with us through the afternoon while cool breezes kept the atmosphere pleasant.
The organizers seem to be miracle workers in so many ways. The event demonstrated the results of meticulous planning. The concert by the KC Symphony and Mr. Lovett was fantastic. All of the staff and volunteers were cheerful and helpful. The food was great, the exit from the parking lot even went smoothly.
I also had some wonderful conversations with visitors to the art tents. I know all of the artists were grateful for that interaction, and for how well the exhibits were set up.
Now, I have say that I am exhausted and feel like I was run over by a very large truck after a day on my feet and the hikes there and back… but that’s just in the nature of things, and it was well worth it.