Muddy Country Road

Road N, east of Emporia

Not a good day to “do dirt”. I had to cancel my extended road trip today, though I did get out a little bit. Rain continues to fall, the Neosho River continues to rise, and the woods are turning into rain forests. I went out to Toad Hollow where rain has turned a lovely circular garden path into a circular water garden. Still pretty, in its own way, but bad news on the opening day of their annual daylily open house. There is so much rain this spring that Tom Haskett recommended that I change the site’s name from Prairie Dust to Prairie Mud. Yup, it feels right.




  1. Ray A. Randolph

    “My goodness gracious!” or words to that effect. It's been a long time since I saw a road like this, and even longer since I've been on one like it. Something to be looked upon from afar, no?

  2. don

    That's my kind of pathway in the early Spring time when the Winter thaw is starting – unbelievable we've had so much rain. Very nice image and I can feel the dampness in the distant misty-foggy horizon.

  3. donna brunger

    Can I copy this picture and place it in a history book I am writing