Photographed at Toad Hollow

I find the colors and texture of wilted flowers very moving at times, so you’ll find them in the mix here.




  1. Roger

    I think this is Cherry Cheeks rose ragged after days of rain but the black background is curious. Did you modify the image, Dave?

  2. Dave

    Yup, I massaged the tonal scale and also added a slight color wash to give the image a more muted, poetic feeling.

  3. Dave

    The spots, though, are natural. I like the extra touch of texture that gives, almost like spatter from a brush. Artistically, that might be okay, but a gardener probably sees them differently. I think the black dots are just dried pollen? The black background is a combination of “burning in” and the natural difference in intensity of light. Cameras don't have nearly as much range as the human eye.