A Single Golden Leaf

Nope, I found it this way. Late this afternoon the sun illuminated a flower bed by a neighbors house. I couldn’t tell you what the plants are, but the autumn colors are an earthy red, very warm and luminous as the light wraps over them. A single gold colored leaf drifted into this spot and adds some contrast of shape and hue. There are few color combinations richer than golds and red.
The edges go soft because I was photographing with a “Lensbaby”, for this and also the preceeding yellow series. I rarely dig it out of the camera bag, but it seemed like a good choice this evening.




  1. Kim

    This is a “wow” shot – such deep red tones provide the perfect backdrop for the star of the show – that one golden leaf. Beautiful!

  2. Helianthus 43

    Way way cool, Dave. Would make a great background for a book cover or some other presentation.