Stone School House – Wabaunsee County

This is along old road 10, southwest of Alma — This one’s all about the textures in the scene – the grasses, limestone, the walls of the school…. They come through better in a monochrome than in color. The natural coloring wasn’t great anyway, just dried out from a long winter.




  1. Anna Surface

    Hmm… I had made a comment and it was lost in cyberspace. I'll try again

    Oh my goodness! This morning I had posted a similiar photo of this old schoolhouse and I come in here a see it. I really like this perspective in black and white as it does bring out the texture.

    That is so neat we've had shared in some Volland history. I thought that old red brick building was a motel! After reading Cheryl's post on Volland at Flyover People Daily News I find it was a store. Amazing how we all were out there and we hadn't bumped into each other. : ) Neat!

    I feel this part of Wabaunsee County is very beautiful… even in the winter. And yes, it has been a long winter.

    I've enjoyed your photos of Volland and the area. 🙂


  2. sherri

    Old structures like this are a favorite with me. Your low vantage point is wonderful and the greyscale leaves the eye to absorb the details. Very nice. Such a wonderful piece of history.

  3. Deb

    Great capture. I love this type of shot.

  4. Debbie R.

    In what state is this located? Is the schoolhouse abandoned?

  5. Dave

    As near as I can tell that schoolhouse isn't used anymore. There is a small area to park alongside the road, but the building itself is back a little ways, no sidewalks or driveways lead to it anymore. It's in Kansas, along a scenic byway call Mill Creek Road in Wabaunsee County.