The Road West

Early morning fog accentuates the layers of the rolling Flint Hills, on a side road just off highway 99. I hit the road early this morning, as I looked forward to a day touring the Flint Hills with photographer Don Palmer, of Kansas Photos. I’d never met Don, but knew of his work, and respected him as both an artist and amateur snake handler. You’ll see photos from our trip over the next week or so.




  1. Mindy

    Superb shot for a first-rate film to establish setting. Great mood, tones and sense of drama.

  2. Anna Surface

    Wow! Wow again! This is beautiful!!!! I love the foggy composition… all of it. Were these burned fields? Great photo capture!

  3. roger

    Another strong photograph, Dave. Great composition.

  4. Dave

    Anna, yes, this area was burned over the last couple days. The blackness of the fence posts is probably from smoke and fire. The haze, though, is from morning mist, not lingering smoke.

  5. Anita

    Spectacular! And the burn photos are great too.