Old Salina Flour Mills

Salina, Kansas

When we were young and troublesome, Dad worked at the mill just beyond the green rail car. Some days we’d ride with Mom to drop off a sack lunch for him. It was always exciting to seem him come through one of the big doors and walk down the board walk toward us. These are closed now, though some areas are being used for general storage. Only the Western Star mill, where Dad worked in later years, still operates in the city.

What caused the decline of the flour milling industry in Salina?
Read Progress brought the mills, took them away by Tim Unruh in the online version of the Salina Journal.




  1. Danton

    These are definite Salina landmarks, but I can't help wondering how long they are going to stay there, slowly rotting from the elements and time.

  2. Chris

    Does anyone know what the date of this photo is…..? It looks older than 2008 judging by the way it looks now…..