The H. D. Lee Flour Mill

Salina, Kansas

The mill is now closed down. H.D. Lee was one of the foremost entrepreneurs in Salina. In addition to the flour mill he organized the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company, the Lee Hardware Company, Harvester Building Company, the Kansas Ice & Storage Company and the Farmer’s National Bank. He was best known for the one piece overalls made in his garment factory.

I’m just old enough to remember going with my dad into the ice house to pick up ice. We had electric refrigerators, I’m not that old. But I remember going through a thick insulated door into a frigid warehouse. I can still see, in my mind, the overhead lights caught in several stacks of ice blocks. We didn’t take the block home whole, it was dropped into a large ice crusher and bagged. That’s how we got our ice to make ice cream.

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  1. Danton

    This is a very nice photo of one of several such mills that still stand on the north edge of my current home town. The BW treatment works very well.

  2. Marcie

    Too bad they haven't found a constructive reuse – yet – for these buildings. Love how you've captured and processed the image.

  3. John Weichert

    I have a picture of a flour mill in Ellis Kansas that I believe to be a H, D. Lee flour mill. Do you have any records that would indicate Lee had a mill in Ellis. Would love to hear from you

  4. John A. Weichert

    I Have a picture of the H. D. Lee flour Mill in Ellis Kansas I am willing to share . I would like more info i.e. date built date torn down

  5. Chris Comeau

    John A. Weichert I would love to see the ellis mill. I happen to know that a new owner has purchased this mill and has very awesome plans for it……email me at