Anybody have a napkin?

This old hopper looks like he just left the wildflower buffet, pollen crumbs all over his chin and clothes. On the edge of highway 99, north of Emporia, a thicket of sunfowers is in full bloom. Grasshoppers pop and buzz across my path as I walk. But this big hopper stays put, and we study each other for awhile. He projects more character than most of his kind, and has a Grandpa Grasshopper feeling about him. He’s either very patient, or just sleepy from overeating.




  1. Marcie

    Purple eyes?!?!? Pretty wild. Excellent capture!!!

  2. Dave

    I thought the purple eyes were weird too. I don't know if that's natural of something went south in the color balance. It has kind of Dune science fiction feeling.

  3. Roger

    Hazel eyes, just like Liz Taylor, that film goddess of Kansas stock.

  4. Anita

    This grasshopper has real personality!