On the Bridge

Susie Aber & Cheryl Unruh take a slow walk over the Halstead suspension bridge. The movie ‘Picnic’ was filmed, partially, in this park (1955). I believe my family watched part of the filming, but I was very young and can’t remember much of it. What does stay in my mind is the bright lights over the set, and a feeling of excitement.

Follow this link for a YouTube clip from the movie.




  1. Roger

    I always thought there were many more trees in the film than what I see here and in Cheryl's several shots on flyoverpeople.net

  2. Roger

    I love the theme from Picnic/Moonglow. Darkness does wonders. The mind fills in the trees.

  3. cheryl

    Susie would probably know – but maybe they tore out some trees when they built the dike. She said it was a much prettier scene before they built that.

  4. Marcie

    Nice composition. Especially love the silhouettes and processing.