Return of the Chicken Coop

Here’s a simple study that I find pretty satisfying.

It’s more than the place, or the thing. It’s the way light spreads over a scene – especially, for me, when it’s slightly overcast – so that light wraps around things, adds a glow that brings out the arfulness of simple things. I love that kind of light.




  1. Roland

    Another absolutely stunning catch. All of my trips to this part of the country have been in summer. I think that I like the look of it in winter! By the way, I drove up to the snow yesterday in the high desert – I'll post a photo soon. (It was 74 degrees and I was in teeshirt and shorts, and I had the top down on my car. So, it's not quite the same, but I was inspired by your photos to get a “snow shot”.)

  2. Dave

    There is a simplicity of form in the winter that can be appealing. I'm looking forward to seeing your high desert snow photos.

  3. Ray A.

    The light, Dave. No shadows, just pure color…shades of brown. You've captured three sides; now, I'm wondering about the fourth side. Did you get it? Will we see it?

  4. Dave

    Dint get the other side. The glamorous backside of the chicken coop is left to your imagination.

  5. Denis

    Real estate? For sale? not much?