Hubcaps & Barstools

Inside Kenyon Hall, Third Floor




  1. Casandra

    Affectionately known as “The Rock Shoppe”, this was our cafe pictured is our coffee bar. I remember stringing and hanging the hubcaps; cutting, staining and hanging the boards, and all the memorabilia thereon. This was where we hung out, where we had good bye parties, birthday parties, youth services. It used to have old Hardee's booths along either side and tables in the middle. Along with a couch on the stage, under the chalkboard (behind you).

  2. Patrick Evenson

    I forgot where we had gotten the bar seating from, but it all came through the windows behind it in one piece. We removed the windows, and brought it up with a crane. Interestingly enough a homemade truck crane that a gentleman at the church had built.

    The Herringbone wood design on the wall on either side, (not quite noticable in this photo) was actually made by me. Down in the basement we had a wood-shop where I took old wood pallets and cut the boards to length. … It took quite a lot of used pallets. If you remove any given board, you'd probably still be able to find scripture references I had sharpie'd on during my many monotonous hours in the basement, cutting board after bored. A sharpie and a great collection of classic rock was my way of passing time during this after-school project of mine.

    Other than the ransacking of the place, it still looks in good shape.