Crocus & Daffodil Greens

I know the title sounds like one of the salads you’d pick up in a Lawrence health food deli. But nope, I’m looking at my front yard. Crocus performed the early show in our yard this week, but are already surrendering the stage to the daffodils. Those in the southern light are already in bloom, but these on the east are still tightly closed. This is a well-rehearsed play we look forward to in late winter, the first real colors of spring.

It’s also the beginning of bug season, and I like to see what sorts of creatures show up for lunch. A few tiny ants were busy among the blossoms today. This very tiny beast was fattening up on pollen in one of the white crocus blooms. It isn’t really sharp because he was very small (less than an 1/8″ in length) and pretty deep inside the petals. I was also being molested by a friendly neighborhood cat who kept rubbing against me as I was trying to snap the photos. I’m no expert, but to me it looks like a dwarf crocus moose.

Crocus visitor




  1. Anita

    The critter does look very moose-like.

  2. Dave

    Mmmm… I may have have mis-identified 🙂 His snout and antlers remind me of a moose.