Sundown on the Flour Mills

Salina, Kansas – The sun sat on these mills decades ago. A transition from railroads to trucking made it more economical to ship grain to the higher population centers before milling. Of the five big mills orginally operating in Salina, only one is still in business.




  1. roger

    Liquid gold!

  2. tom

    THATs the kind of HDR I really like. (I had to look at the notes to be sure it was HDR) So many HDR shots look clownishly over processed. Beautiful use of the method.

  3. Dave

    HDR can get garish pretty easily. It's a useful tool (the range of light here would be impossible to capture with a single exposure), and I think I'm gradually learning to control it. This image went through several versions before I found a treatment I could live with. In the end I did a duplicate layer of the (blended HDR)image using a “soft light” blend mode, then put a gold glaze over it. That got it looking more natural than the raw tone-mapped HDR.