Circling Hawk

Flint Hills, Chase County, Kansas
for Deb

* * *

‘I will not be clapped in a hood,
Nor a cage, nor alight upon wrist,
Now I have learnt to be proud
Hovering over the wood
In the broken mist
Or tumbling cloud.’

William Butler Yeats – The Hawk

* * *




  1. sarala

    What a lovely shot. How did you achieve the crinkled look of the background?
    I enjoyed the accompanying poem very much.

  2. anita

    Beautiful! Deb is seeing all the beauty there is.

  3. sherri

    Beautifully captured and the processing is so complimentary to the scene.

  4. daina

    Usually I am not much taken with adding texture to an image but here it brings a tactile sense to the image and works wonderfully well. As with all blanket statements or likes or dislikes there always are exceptions. Lovely image and Yates is beautiful.

  5. Hoai Bao - Journal of Photogra

    I love your usage of texture in this photo, it got that grungy look to it. Love the poem and the hawk.

  6. grant

    wonderful shot, and i like the processing.

  7. gavin hart

    I think there are two trees here? Maybe like two friends … one has fallen … while the hawk looks on … somewhat sad perhaps. Great photo though.