Flint Hills Stream

Flint Hills, Marion County, Kansas – Another peek at the land surrounding the site chosen for next month’s Symphony in the Flint Hills. This is a stream running through the Doyle Creek Ranch.




  1. Elizabeth Middleton

    This is a beautiful photo and reminds me of similar scenes from my childhood around the Lyons Creek area. This stream, or creek, looks wonderfully clear and unpolluted.

  2. roger

    Did you throw the rock, Dave? Makes me want to wade.

  3. Dave

    Yup, I tossed a small rock for this image, then waited a bit for it to settle a little. There was already some circular activity, probably from frogs doing escape maneuvers. I like the way a few ripples livens up a scene.

  4. Virginia Allain

    Lovely photo. I grew up in Kansas and remember fondly wading in the creek and catching crawdads.