Burgess Marsh

Wetlands area at the Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge – north of Hartford, Kansas

Saturdays are good mornings to sleep in, but I was up early anyway. A quick glance at my iPod for weather information said “clear”. A look out my door indicated “heavy fog”. Maybe this was a chance to get some autumn-colors-in-the-haze images, so I trucked up to the wildlife area and walked along the nature trails through the wetlands. Good views required some trekking through stretches of over-your-head wet grass with my camera held high to keep it dry as possible. (it rained through the night). Plus, a step in the wrong place puts you right into the water – I took several of those steps. It wasn’t long til I was soaking wet, but it was worth it to see the subtle autumn colors. A few more will be posted over coming days.