Emanuel Jackson

Bushong, Kansas – We met a most likeable man on the streets of Bushong today. Emanuel Jackson stopped his pickup truck to chat with us. Fellow photographer, Tom Parker, and I were photographing the small town. When I asked about the flags mounted in the truck Emanuel said they were in honor of his daughter Gloria, who has done two tours in Iraq and is now stationed in Korea. This one’s for you Gloria.




  1. Anita

    Beautiful tribute, and a great portrait of the man.

  2. Onnalee Harrell

    This is an outstanding photo, Dave. Such a beautiful tribute to a loving father of one of our military. We appreciate our miliary very much and this is an extraordinary way of saying Thank You!

  3. Dan Creighton

    A simple image but such power. Patriotism at it's best and a journalistic eye at it's best too. Well done.