Towne East Square, Wichita, Kansas – The sky’s too gray for landscape, or country exploration. But that’s okay. I’m in Wichita attending the annual meeting of Great Plains Nature Photographers. It’s a chance to meet many of the area photographers I’ve only known through email, facebook, or web sites. I stop in one of the large city malls on my way home, to watch the already busy holiday crowds, the sparkle of track lights on windows displays, and grab something to eat. These peculiar mannequins catch my eye, strange in form and absence of all regions of the brain. I wonder what subliminal message it is meant to send.

Camera: Leica D-Lux4




  1. Tom Parker

    I think I've seen both of these yahoos in my nightmares — I LIKE this image in a scary way.

  2. gwyn

    Great detail on what looks to be an incredibly shiny surface. Fine composition too.

    Reminds me of I, Robot…