Flint Hills area, Chase County, Kansas – Run-off from a recent rain streams downhill along the Flint Hills road. I drive along it for miles but don’t see another soul. Despite its beauty there is enough wildness to keep casual drivers from venturing through. It’s a long winding road best suited to a truck or SUV, especially when it’s wet like this. The road surface is rutted and rough, but there’s plenty of limestone rock in it – enough to keep my tires from sinking in. Even the half dozen low water crossings (there are usually only a couple but the rain created some new ones) are rock-bottomed and safe, unless the rains are heavy. The cattle in open range areas are a more serious hazard, as they claim rights to the middle of the roadway. Slow, gentle driving is best for their safety and mine. The soft grass covered hills rise and fall to a curiously level horizon line, shadows of cloud and hawk sweep over the quiet forms.




  1. Anita

    Thanks for the ride in the Flint Hills. Your description and the photo made me feel I was there.

  2. Robin

    Your photos put tears in my eyes — in a good way. Such simple beauty. It's almost overwhelming.