Herington, Kansas – As I drive into Herington I see road-blocks on the main streets, turning the town into a bit of rat-in-the-maze fun as I navigate sidestreets to make my way through. I glance toward the heart of the city and see hundreds of paper bags lining the edges of the street. Being an inquisitive (okay, nosey) sort I stop to visit with a couple very kind women involved in the preparation. The town is preparing for a Palm Sunday procession. Thousands of these candles-in-a-bag will be lit in a short time, and guests will drive the twisting route as they view tableaus of the life of Christ. This could be really picturesque as the sun dips below the horizon and the full moon rises on the opposite, so I decide to get some supper and wait for the magic to happen. As darkness stretches over central Kansas the light and color really gets pretty. Scattered along the route children (mostly) are dressed in robes. Angels dart across the road in front of me. Are they on some celestial mission?… nope, just heading to the bank basement for a snack.






  1. Anita

    Wonderful photos. Beautiful celebration. I thought luminarias were only used at Christmas.

  2. roger

    Wonderful luck, Dave. Beautiful images.

  3. Amy Riley

    I love all of your Kansas pictures as we love Kansas as well. The photo from Herington with the candles-in-a-bag lining the street in front of the church – are there prints of this available for sale. My husband spent time in Herington and was actually at the festivity. I would like to get a copy framed for him. Please write back – thanks much. Amy