Retired Tractor 2

Morris County pasture

I suppose it’s kind of a guy thing…. old metal, machinery… I’ve always like to see what’s under the veneer. And time has a way of stripping that away, from both people and the material things that surround us. Tractors are usually good examples of “articulate engineering” anyway. It’s easy to understand the mechanics of something when you can see the engine, the wires, hoses, oil pump, gears, etc. This old tractor is down to basics, holding back few secrets about its design and construction.



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  1. Anna Surface

    Oh, it's kind of a girl thing too. I love stuff like this as well as my husband. When we see old farm machinery out in the Kansas fields, we are clamoring to take photos. We especially love tractors.

    I like the way you shot this. Great composition and capture of its mechanics.