Arched Window

Florence, Kansas

Light pours in through the classic lines of a window crowning the front door of an 1889 school house. Some years back the site was lovingly pulled back from the brink, laboriously remodeled, and given a second life as a Bed and Breakfast. Now it’s empty again and up for sale (~150K). It’d make a fantastic artist’s studio, but….. there are, of course, other issues (I don’t have 150K and it’d be a long commute to my real job).

Refurbished School Building in Florence, KS
The Exterior

Refurbished School Building in Florence, KS
Fellow explorer, Tom Haskett




  1. Roger

    Breaking and entering, that will get you five, Tom. Your garden will get out of control.

  2. Jenni in KS

    Oh! It's gorgeous! Wish I had $150,000 to blow.

    Someone in Wichita fixed up an old school on 2nd Street between Seneca and Meridian and turned it into an apartment building. It's very nice on the outside at least. I love it when someone who has the resources also has the vision to preserve an old building and put it to use again. Then again, I kinda like it when they let them slowly crumble and decay but remain standing. It's the wrecking ball I despise.