Wild Cardinal Flower

Found along the edge of Munkers Creek (east of Council Grove Reservoir, Kansas)

More photos are below. It’s easy to understand how this plant got its name. This beautiful flower can be found blooming now in semi-shaded moist areas, stream banks, and marshy areas. More info about this wildflower is available on Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses.

Note for photographers: The blossoms of this wildflower are so intensely red that it’s difficult to photograph properly. The red’s quickly block up in the highlights. A slightly overcast day and careful exposure helps keep detail in the petals.

Above photographed at Chase County State Lake

Above found near Munkers Creek

Top view, this plant was found near a rocky stream bed in Wabaunsee County




  1. r

    A stunning shot, Dave. I've tried growing a Cardinal Flower variety but couldn't provide the right soil moisture.

  2. Marcie

    Love the colors..and how the flowers fill the frame. Wonderful!!!!

  3. Nature photos

    Great colors and composition.