Michigan Valley Grain

Michigan Valley, Kansas – There is more to this small town than a faded main street (previous post), so I’m adding a second photo to provide some balance. This active agriculture center provides important services for the area. The photo would be more interesting with some human presence, but all was quiet there on a winter Saturday afternoon.

The Michigan Valley Christian Church has a classic white structure in town, though I don’t know if it being used, because I saw a newer one with that name built a few miles down the highway, closer to Pomona Reservoir. They were offering a Saturday morning pancake breakfast.




  1. lisa schepp

    My sister and i would ride our bikes here as children and buy sodas for a nickle.

  2. Davin Supple

    Elevator now privately owned by Corwine Farms. When the Co-op owned it, it was a very busy place, but that's been years ago.