Michigan Valley, Kansas

The town has a large grain / elevator complex a couple blocks from this, but main street looks like this. A couple other buildings, nicely matched to this one, give it some company.




  1. lisa schepp

    i can remember this place it was either the general store or auction caddy corner from my house. across the street was a basketball court i bought gum for pennies here

  2. Chris Mitchell

    I never lived IN Michigan Valley just closer to the Lake (my dad still lives on this road going west towards Lake Pomona). I moved there in 1980. I remember some attempts at business at the corner store (to the right). I played some basketball across the street and even remember my brother Ryan having a tournament there around 1992. That was the last year I stayed in the area. I think the school got torn down around 1990.

  3. Tom Billings

    I grew up in M.V.,we moved ther in 1959. The building in the photo is the post office. More of M.V. history can be found @ Appanoose museum,1 mile N & 5 MILES E. NOTHING BUT THE BEST CHILDHOOD HOME IN THE STATE.

  4. Davin Supple

    This is a picture of the old bank building. I was in there a long time ago and I remember the walk in safe was still there – minus the door I believe. Just to the west is the old grocery store building.

  5. Davin Supple

    The old elementary school was located about a quarter mile north of town. It was on my Grandparents land. It was falling in on itself, so my dad tore it down to salvage what materials he could. Grandpa use to store square bales in there. I played in that building a lot growing up.

  6. Davin Supple

    If anybody wants more info on the town of Michigan Valley, email me at dsup74@hotmail.com. My dad has spent his whole life around the town and we can answer any questions.