Blue Room



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  1. Patrick Evenson

    Unbelievable. Whenever I come back to Emporia and talk to other about Kenyon Hall, people always express their feelings of how unfortunate that “the old building is feeling apart.” It's not true. This is plan preventable neglect.
    A decade ago, a 40 member church occupied Kenyon. Possibly 15 of us kids were consistently maintaining her. What you see in this photo is water damage caused by the absence of someone emptying out water buckets. You can actually see one of the kiddie pools we used to catch the water, that had fallen with the ceiling.

    It took about 30 to 45 minutes to go around the attic after rain storms to empty out those buckets. What's the use of making a building a historic landmark if you aren't going to invest the minimal amount of time to it.

    45 minutes for a single person to empty out buckets once a week. There's even a sink on fourth to dump the buckets. If that was done during these years of vacancy, than I guarantee the building would still be worth saving.